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New lower prices for landline destinations to many countries


Unlimited calling to USA and Canada


Updated prices to many destinations, check our rates for more details


Free calling between MobiVoiper users

Free mobile calls

How does it work

In order to place calls you need to have access to the Internet via WiFi (wireless LAN) network. Follow the few simple steps to get connected and start calling:

Register to Mobivoiper service Dial the number using Internet calling
Free calls from Nokia

Register to Mobivoiper service

Make sure you have access to a WiFi (WLAN) network connection. Follow the steps below to connect and register your phone to MobiVoiper service using your WiFi network.
1. Go to Menu >> Connectivity. 2. Select Internet tel. 3. Your phone will start scanning for available WiFi (WLAN) networks. Select your WLAN access point. Enter the WLAN password if asked for. 4. Phone will now attempt to connected to MobiVoiper.
Go to Menu >> Connectivity Select Internet tel. Select WLAN access point. Wait connecting to MobiVoiper.

Upon successful connection, the following icon will show up in the status bar of the phone:
The presence of the internet calling icon means the phone is ready to place calls using MobiVoiper service.


Dial the number using Internet calling

You can use phone numbers directly from your address book or enter number directly.
1. Type destination number you wish to call. Dial the same way as when you place normal call. 2. Press the selection button and from the list choose Call >> Internet Call 3. The phone will indicate "Calling", you will notice the small globe under the green handset - this means the call is going thru MobiVoiper.  
Enter destination number. Select Call >> Internet Call Calling.  
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